Three Piece Ceramic Kitchen Cutlery Set With Counter Top Knife Holder Santoku 6” Blade, Utility 5” Blade, Parer 4” Blade


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  • White Zirconium oxide Ceramic Blades are Super Sharp and hold and edge 10-12 times longer than conventional steel
  • Rust Free and Non Corrosive –Chef’s love them for their hygiene as no bacteria can build on the surface-cut lettuce it doesn’t turn brown; cut acid foods like tomatoes and lemons you do not get that metallic after taste
  • Much lighter than conventional steel knives, reduces hand fatigue during long cutting tasks- ideal for straight cuts of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats
  • Attractive Contoured Ceramic Handles
  • Stylized Counter Top Acrylic Knife Holder stores knives on the counter using minimum counter space. Allows user to choose desired knife at a glance
  • Five Year Limited Warranty