How to Use Ceramic Knives

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Congratulations in the decision to purchase ceramic knives! This type of high-quality and ultra-sharp cutlery can last you many years without the need for resharpening, but it’s a good idea to know how to use ceramic kitchen knives — and how NOT to use them. While strong, ceramic is prone to chipping or breaking if improperly used. Ceramic kitchen cutlery is designed to complement, not replace, your other cutlery, but they do offer unrivaled performance for certain kitchen tasks.

How Should My Ceramic Knives Be Used?
Ceramic knives are not intended for every kitchen task, but they’re perfect for the following:

  • Slicing fruit
  • Slicing vegetables
  • Cutting up boneless meat

Ceramic cutlery is perfect for slicing up fruits like apples and veggies like lettuce, because it won’t cause them to discolor and turn brown. It can also slice vegetables and fruit very thinly, which is perfect for getting crisp, thin slices of tomato for a sandwich.

Avoid using ceramic cutlery for the following:

  • Frozen food
  • Meat with bones
  • Carving, prying or boning
  • Slicing cheese (Hard cheeses have the potential to damage ceramic knives, but the real issue is sticking. Cheese tends to stick to most cutting mediums, especially ceramic.)
  • Using the blade on its side to crush foods like garlic

Along with selecting the right knife for the job, don’t forget the importance of proper storage, cleaning and care of your ceramic knives. Ceramic knives should be hand washed, not in the dishwasher, and kept clean. They should never be dropped, or used on a marble, glass, stone or tile surface. Instead, make sure you cut food on a plastic or wooden cutting board to avoid damage.