Tips for Buying your First Ceramic Knife or Set

Ceramic knives are extremely sharp and hold an edge many times longer than conventional steel blades. Ceramic knives are made from a very hard material called zirconium oxide. The only material harder is a diamond. Because of their hardness, they … Read More

Ceramic Knives Keep Fruit from Oxidizing!

Ask any professional chef why they use ceramic knives in the kitchen and they’ll probably tell you it’s the superior sharpness, but they’ll also probably mention another neat benefit of ceramic chef knives: because ceramic knives are chemically inert, they … Read More

Ceramic Knives vs Steel: How Do They Compare?

So, you’re ready to buy yourself a nice set of knives, but you aren’t sure where to begin. There are two main types of kitchen knives: stainless steel and ceramic knives. Ceramic knives are a newer form, and many people … Read More